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Bangalore Real Estate: A Booming Market for Investors!

19 Jul

Bangalore is seen as one of the most booming urban cities of India. Owing to the flourishing IT sector, Bangalore has seen a vast amount of migratory population moving and settling into the city. Due to various market driving forces, cosmopolitan culture and a blessed climate; Bangalore is slowly becoming as one of the top favourite destinations where people want…

How is social media helping real estate companies to enhance customer experience

14 Jul

The marketing and business scenario is undergoing a radical change with the rise of social media and the ‘socially connected consumer’. Businesses are slowly accepting how social media can be the right platform to engage the customer by providing valuable content and to experience the brand themselves. Previously, social media was only seen as just another marketing channel to drive…

The Impact of Demonetization on property market in Bangalore

14 Jul

Bangalore is not just the capital city of Karnataka, but also an urban city that has been constantly growing in terms of its people and development. With the IT and commercial industries attracting a number of migrants from other cities to settle in Bangalore, the real estate market in the city has been growing steadily. There are several pockets and…

How Smart Homes or Home Automation is helping Real Estate Companies add value to their offerings!

11 Jul

Home buyers and their needs have evolved drastically from what they used to be traditionally. The home buyers are more ambitious and are looking at some extra features that enhance their home buying experience. One of the recent trend that has caught onwiththe real estate industry is the smart home technology. Smart home automation is one of the key drivers…

11 Factors That Help You Decide the Best Place to Live

26 May

You could be looking at property investments to divert your funds and get better future returns, or looking at buying a residential property for an upgrade in your current lifestyle; real estate in India has always attracted a number of people due to its inviting prospects. One of the most important decision that is likely to determine what value your…

Why should you consider investing in a property at a young age?

26 May

Buying a home in India is the biggest financial decision that majority of people make once in their lifetime. It is a huge decision wherein you are likely to invest your lifetime savings to buy a dream home for yourself. With the real estate prices soaring high, it is now becoming more difficult decision to decide whether to invest or…