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RERA Impact – How it benefits the home buyers?

20 Jul

The real estate in India has been one of the biggest industries contributing significantly to the economic growth and boom in the country. However, inspite of the strength of the industry, it has also been criticized for being unfair and unorganized in its practices. Past two years, the real estate industry has seen a significant slow down and a slump,…

Real estate investment myths that deter investors

23 Jun

Real estate in India has traditionally been one of the most exciting investment opportunity for people. The growing economy, booming sector and the increasing purchasing power of people has only contributed to an increase in demand for more real estate investment opportunities. However, as we say this, there are also certain myths that are deep rooted in the real estate…

Is Real Estate Still The Undisputed King of Asset Class In India?

12 Jun

The real estate in India business saw plummeted sales for a while in the recent past. But there is hope now. Modi government came into power and things started moving in the right direction for the industry considering couple of significant policy changes proposed by the new government. Modi government announced few mega missions which were meant to bring some…

Why should you consider investing in a property at a young age?

26 May

Buying a home in India is the biggest financial decision that majority of people make once in their lifetime. It is a huge decision wherein you are likely to invest your lifetime savings to buy a dream home for yourself. With the real estate prices soaring high, it is now becoming more difficult decision to decide whether to invest or…