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Planning to Buy a Property in Bangalore? Here are Some of the Best Locations to Consider!

15 Jun

Bangalore or the now Bengaluru, is one of the fastest developing metros of India. With the IT boom that hit the city, came in a confluence of cultures as a number of people relocated from various parts of the country only to make this beautiful city their home. Being a homely city catering to both young and the old, the…

Is Real Estate Still The Undisputed King of Asset Class In India?

12 Jun

The real estate in India business saw plummeted sales for a while in the recent past. But there is hope now. Modi government came into power and things started moving in the right direction for the industry considering couple of significant policy changes proposed by the new government. Modi government announced few mega missions which were meant to bring some…

How Affordable Housing Drives The Growth Of Indian Real Estate Industry?

12 Jun

Although affordable housing sounds like a simple term, let’s find out what it really means. It simply means affordable housing facility for the middle-income and lower-income households. You will come across affordable housing projects in developing countries where it is important to have such schemes to empower the population which has been side-lined. As you can imagine, we need such…