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How Smart Homes or Home Automation is helping Real Estate Companies add value to their offerings!

11 Jul
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Home buyers and their needs have evolved drastically from what they used to be traditionally. The home buyers are more ambitious and are looking at some extra features that enhance their home buying experience. One of the recent trend that has caught onwiththe real estate industry is the smart home technology. Smart home automation is one of the key drivers today for the home buyers and also a feature that real estate developers love to promote in their projects.

Home automation or the coming of smart home technology is likely to have a very positive impact on the real estate industry. People are lining up to these technologies and are even willing to a premium to make these technologies a part of their homes. Citizen research that was conducted in the year 2015 by Schneider Electric clearly revealed the fact that safe and secured home for the strongest driver for the home buyers when making the home buying decision. While this seemed to be the prime concern, consumers are now also looking at buying home automation enabled properties for convenience as well as energy saving factors.

So whether you are consideringa property investment or planning to buy a premium residential property for the purpose of moving in, here is how smart technology is likely to influence your purchase decision.

What is Home Automation and How Does it Function?
Home automation is also referred to as domotics and indicates an automated system that helps in electronically controlling various features and systems incorporated while designing the house. Home automation system essentially comprise of hardwares and certain communication features that integrate the electrical devices in the household with one another. The home automation system provides home ownersthe flexibility to connect the systems in their house with handheld personal devices; which means you are never too away from home.

Various home automation systems are likely to offer different features and functions. Some of the most common features include, monitoring, security, thermostat control, controlling the appliances like air conditioners, lights, fans and so on. Home automation systems are designed to save costs, efforts and to conserve energy apart from offering convenience to the users. Apart from the traditional desktops, home automation command today can be delivered from the smartphones and tablets too.

Smart Features That Add Value to the Homes
If you looked back a few years from today, smart home systems didn’t mean much but were just seen in the sci-fi Hollywood movies. However today most of the real estate developers and agents have understood the fact that smart features equipped homes are what most home buyers are looking for. Some additional smart features add value to the property when it comes to marketing and promoting the property to the potential buyers. However, not all features are really worth it. The features that are important to one family may be unnecessary for another. However, there are certain smart home features which are popular among real estate developers and buyers alike. For consumers, smart home features are normally classified into three primary categories which include functional features, lifestyle features and security features. Most of premium residential properties in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are looking at equipping their homes with smart features from each of these categories to appeal to consumers with different backgrounds and requirements. The newer properties in Bangalore particularly come with smart features enabled that make the buying decision easier for consumers. Here are some of the most common smart features that are currently most popular among the Indian consumers:

  • Smart Smoke Detectors: Smart smoke detectors are a smart technology that can send out alert signals on detecting smoke or carbon monoxide. This is a great feature to safeguard the family and loved ones from unforeseen accidents even when you are away from home.
  • Smart Door Locks: In today’s day and age where thefts and burglary are very common, smart lock is a feature that appeals to both young and the old alike. These smart door locks require codes to be punched in and are being looked at as a more stylish security mechanism offered by builders as compared to the traditional lock and key system. Smart locks are normally controlled by way of apps and are very secured especially in case of the elderly people living alone.
  • Smart Sprinklers for the gardens: Most premium residential properties come equipped with gardens and lawns. Having smart sprinklers in these gardens not only eases maintenance but also helps in saving the costs for the residents. Smart waters adjust based on the weather and only water when required.
  • Smart Home Alarms: With smart home alarm systems, it becomes extremely easy to keep an eye on the home from just about anywhere. Home alarm systems consist of web cameras, motion detector as well as sensors which send out alert signals in case it observes any unusual movement in the house. These smart alarm systems today are being seen as a necessity especially when there are a number of working professionals leaving their kids behind with maids and nannies. Also when there are older parents with children living in other cities, smart home alarm systems become very useful in maintaining their safety and security.
  • Smart Thermostats: These are certainly one of the most popular features that are provided by leading developers in their new age constructions. Smart thermostats help in controlling the energy usage in the house by various electrical devices smartly. The smart thermostats are programmed as per the regular usage of the homeowners and in case the house is vacant, it adjusts the usage accordingly. This feature is certainly a plus point for the smart home buyer who are cost conscious.
  • Smart Air conditioners: Air conditioners have become a regular fitting that is being given out by most of the real estate developers. However, what makes the point of distinction is when the developers give out features like smart air conditioners with their new developments. People are often attracted by such features which can help them regulate their air conditioner operations through GPS on their smartphones. With smart air conditioner feature, one can adjust the temperature and even switch it on or off based on the need.
  • Smart Home Lighting: Smart home lightings may come with a cost, but are certainly one of the best smart home features that any developer can offer home buyers. The younger home buyers are certainly looking at such features with keen interest as they are not only functional but also add to the lifestyle and glamour element of modern homes.
  • Smart home features are not just seen from a convenience point of view but are also aspirational for the home buyers. These are the extra add ons that home buyers are even ready to pay a premium for. These features also become a point of distinction for the realtors and property developers setting their projects apart from the other development projects.More Demand for Smart Home Automation Systems
    In India there has been a steady increase in demand for home automation systems in both tier 1 as well tier 2 and 3 cities. Working couples, dual incomes and more exposure are some of the primary reasons for this increase in demand for these features among home buyers. Home automation is slowly being seen as a better way of keeping homes safe, conserving energy as well making life more comfortable. In case of big township projects and premium residential properties smart home features provide better security and surveillance for the residents. With better penetration of internet, smart home feature are more accessible and easier to operate than ever before.
    In cities like Bangalore which have a mix of young as well as retired crowd, smart features for homes are certainly more acceptable. Villas in Bangalore have adopted smart home automation systems which certainly increases the property value when it goes out for a safe. If you look up a real estate website you will find a number of Bangalore properties for sale specifically highlighting the home automation systems enabled to attract potential buyers.
    While a lot more awareness still needs to built-in the home automation direction, urban cities are slowly warming up to the idea. With more and more younger investors and home buyers, very soon smart home automation systems will become an important purchase criteria for the home buyers.

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