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Before buying flats and apartment | Read this 5 important points

11 Oct
admin October 11, 2018 0

Home is where happiness belong because we have a family there and this is a place where we feel secure. So we should never compromise for anything less, below are few tips to look at before buying a home.

1) Budget: While buying a home first thing you have to look at is the budget, it’s not about how much we have and what we want. The house which we are buying must be value for our money and convenient for us. So instead of looking at multiple projects for best offer, we have to look at one which is convenient and thoroughly check the price and quality of the construction.

2) Location and appreciation: These two are very important for any real estate investment, the location should within the proximity of work, schools, hospital etc. And when looking at the appreciation first we have to do a research of the future developments in that particular location. Buying a house nearby Railway station, Airport or Bus station is always a plus point and you can expect a good amount of appreciation for your investment.

3) Look at floor plans: Each and every person will have a different taste and lifestyle preferences, so we have to make sure the house we are living in suits our daily routine and has all the necessary facilities. And not to forget, the view from the balcony this is one thing we should not miss while looking at the floor plans.

4) Amenities: Normally what we look at amenities is if the play area for children is there or not and these are important for everyone in the home, adults need exercise and senior citizen should have a place especially for them and recreation options should be open for adults and senior citizens as well.

5) Additional charges: Pricing of the apartment includes additional charges, such as parking, club membership, water, and power back-up, these charges are added in the payment schedule and collected at regular intervals. At the time of registration, one also needs to pay stamp duty and registration charges, which is calculated on the property’s value and varies according to the region. It is in your favor to understand these charges and prepare yourself accordingly.

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